I-Ting Chen

Born in Taiwan in 1976, I-Ting possesses Master's Degree in Cello Performance from New England Conservatory of Music. Started learning music since five years old, she studied in Dunhua Primary School and Kuang Jen High School with the teaching of Liao Mei-ying, Hsu Yu-jen and Hsiung Shih-lan. She performed outstanding in Taipei and also in many music competitions.

After graduation from senior high school, she went to U.S.A for further study, who acquired a Bachelor's Degree in music cello of Music Department of Florida International University and a Master's Degree of New England Conservatory of Music with the teaching of Keith Robinson, David Wells and Peter Stumpf. During the seven years in U.S.A, she achieved excellent academic performance and obtained full scholarship.

In 1998, she took part in National Society of Arts and Letters String Quartet Competition on behalf of Florida International University and awarded bronze medal.

In 1999, she performed in the Music Festival on behalf of FIU, who was highly praised by local newspapers reviews in Miami and won the championship of school Concerto Competition.

In 2001, she got fellowship of Aspen and full scholarship of 2001 to 2003 academic years, and she also accepted the invitation of the Head of Music Festival to attend Aspen Music Festival.

In addition, she was invited to attend Music Festivals all over the world, including: 2005 Academies of music Tibor Varga, Swiss Sion, 2003 Canada Bnaff under the education of Aldo Parisot, Japan Pacific Festival and Spoleto Festival in 2002, the Aspen music festival in 2000 and 2001, and Blossom music festival in 1999..

After returning home, she committed to all kinds of music performance and had excellent performance on solo or chamber music cooperation. Important performances include the cello recital held in Taipei and national concert hall in 2003 and 2006. She founded The fifth string quartet in 2005 and toured around, which received widely good reputation. The 3+1 string quartet was established in 2006 and was performed in Japan. In 2008, on behalf of Taiwan musician, she was invited to play the cello concerto with Hunan symphony orchestra at the phoenix ancient city, gaining widespread praise and attracting attention from the entire mainland! In 2014, she was invited by France mayor Patrick Moon to participate in the festival in France, whose performance won the highest honor and has served as a guest performer of Chaon music festival in the future. In 2015 she found the Academies musical franco chinoise music festival in France.

In addition to outstanding personal performance, she also had brilliant experience on orchestra, who has studied playing method of international professional orchestra from Stephen Geber (Cello Chief of Clifford blue orchestra), Ronald Feldman (former Cello Chief of Boston symphony orchestra) and Gerhard Iberer (Vienna orchestra) to enhance personal skill and experience. The orchestra she has ever attended include: Miami symphony orchestra, the Cleveland orchestra in U.S., New England honor symphony orchestra, Miami ballet, Aspen music festival, Hingham symphony orchestra, the Pacific symphony orchestra and so on. She was the Cello Acting Principle of Evergreen symphony orchestra in 2003-2004 and is currently occupied in national symphony orchestra members of cello.

I-Ting is a wonderful cellist, and also pays attention to music education, hoping to share her researches and interpreted playing experience she dedicated for years with domestic music students. Hence, she now teaches at the music class of Dunhua primary school and publishes the album of cello and piano jazz trio in April 2006, which contains Taiwan folk except for the classical jazz music to further promote classical music art and culture of Taiwan, looking forward to attracting music fans to navigate the wonderful music world together.