Chika Miyazaki

Chika Miyazaki (Flute)

started flute at the age of 14,studied flute at the Tokyo College
of Music (Japan)

from 1999 through 2005, obtained both bachelor’s and
master’s degrees.

worked at the Tokyo College of Music as an teaching assistant from
2005 through 2006.

I played at The 13th Ichikawa New Musician Concert in 2000, Tokyo
Bunkakaikan New Musician Debut Concert in 2002, Graduate Concert at
TCM, The 7th Yamaha New Musician Concert, and The 30th Debut Recital
in 2003.

I was one of the finalists of The 11th Japan Flute Convention
Competition in 2003, and The 10th Biwako International Flute
Competition in 2005.

I joined music festivals, and played in orchestras. Such as Kyoto
International Music Students Festival in 2002, Pacific Music Festival
in 2004, Seiji Ozawa Ongakujuku Opera Project in
2003,2004, and World Youth Orchestra for Peace Concert in Hiroshima
and Nagasaki in 2005.

I studied with Keigo Osanaga, Ikuko Kuroda, Mari Nakano, Masahiro
Aizawa, Yasukazu Uemura,Shigenori Kudo.

Now, I'm Associate Principal Flute of National Symphony Orchestra
Taiwan R.O.C.