Mozart & Widmann 1

MD Series

Mozart & Widmann 1

2018-09-22 Sat 19:30National Concert Hall 500 800 1200 1600 2000Buy
SHAO-CHIA LÜ, conductor
JÖRG WIDMANN, clarinet (Artist-in-Residence)
GRACE LIN, soprano JO-PEI WENG, alto
Fa-Kai TANG, tenor JULIAN LO, bass
YUCHUNG JOHN KU, chorus master

WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: Symphony No.25, K.183, G minor
JÖRG WIDMANN: Elegie for Clarinet & Orchestra
WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART: Requiem, K.626, D minor

Music for mourning is the theme of Shao-Chia Lü's second concert of the season. The focal work is Mozart's final composition, the sublimely beautiful Requiem, left unfinished at the composer's death. Mozart's unerring sense of orchestral color and vocal effects make this Requiem one of the most cherished works in the choral repertory. As a counterpoise to the Requiem, the concert opens with the same composer's Symphony No. 25, one of only two by Mozart in minor key (the other is the famous No. 40, also in G minor). In between comes the Elegie for Clarinet and Orchestra by the contemporary German composer Jörg Widmann, who also serves as the clarinet soloist.

Co-organizer:Goethe-Institut Taipei