Ya-Han Huang

A native of Taiwan, Ya Han (Hank) Huang graduated in 2017 from the New England Conservatory where he studied with Cathy Basrak and Mai Motobuchi; Lluis Claret and Mai Motobuchi for chamber music. He was a member of Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. He also participated in Karen Tuttle viola workshop where he had instruction from Karen Ritcher, Michelle LaCourse, Jeffrey Irvin, Kim Kashkashian.

While he was in Taipei National University of Arts (TNUA), studying with Chen-Hung Ho and Yi-Wen Chao (musical art doctor of Juilliard school). He was also a student of Grace Huang, the viola principal of Taiwan Philharmonic. In 2010, he went to Bowdoin Music Festival. He was also selected to participate in the Asian Youth Orchestra in 2013, performing in several countries in Asia. In 2013 he also performed in Israel with TNUA's orchestra as a viola principal. He was also a substitute of NSO (Taiwan Philharmonic) from 2013-2016 Seasons. Over the years, he has received instructions from Carol Rodland, Hsin-Yun Huang and Paul Silverthorne.

Ya Han joins the National Symphony Orchestra in November 2017.