Kun-Hao Liang

Kun-Hao Liang graduated from National Institute of the Arts (now Taipei National University of the Arts) and received his Master’s degree in Violin Performance from Boston Conservatory. Mr. Liang has joined the National Symphony Orchestra since he returned to Taiwan in1994.

In 2011, he became a member of the "Subversive Classical - Naughty Family" group, along with Shannon Chieh the harpist and a dozen of other musicians in the orchestra. He has served as a writer and host, and introduced classical music in a relaxing, fun and playful manner. The concert hall and the university tour performances have received enthusiastic response and praise; being a humorous person, Liang is often invited to give lectures and performances around the introduction of classical music, including being the host for the NSO fundraising concert in 2012. He was also invited as the storyteller in “Peter and the Wolf” in 2013, “Little Sun's Music House” in 2014, “Little Yellow Dot and Four Seasons” in 2015, all of which are the NSO Fairytales Forever series, and has successfully brought a lot of fun for the audience. He believes that the seemingly serious classical music can actually be very easy and very cute, and is devoted to introduce classical music to all people in a humorous way, which is the happies thing for him.