Cheng-Mei Sun

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, May Cheng-Mei Sun studied music at Fuxing Elementary School, Nanmen Junior High School and Normal University High School Music Class. She entered the Music Department of the National Institute of the Arts as the first place (now Taipei National University of the Arts) to study under Teddy Cheng-Tu Su, and graduated one year earlier with a top honors. Soon after that, she studied in the Graduate School of Music in Indiana University, under Maestro Franco Gulli, and also in the Graduate School of Music, the University of Michigan, under Prof. Jacob Krackmalnick, and Prof. Paul Kantor. Ms Sun received her Master of Music degree from the University of Michigan in 1991. She was offered scholarships from the University of Michigan, Grand Teton Orchestral Seminar, and Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, and was engaged as a first violin section player in the Marin Symphony Orchestra in 1992. Upon her return to Taiwan in 1995, she was soon elected as one of the NTCH Rising Stars. Since then, she has held numerous violin recitals and chamber music concerts at the National Recital Hall and other venues around Taiwan, including a collaboration concert.

She was also invited as the guest concertmaster of the Taipei Opera Theatre and the Contemporary Chamber Orchestra of Taipei. She studied violin techniques and pedagogy with Maestro Kek-Tjiang Lim from 1995 to 1998 in Taipei. Besides her passion in classical music, Sun loves reading and writing articles. Other than teaching and performing, she has been a correspondent author for several music and performing art magazines. She also translated a book, The Vision of Caliban (written by Jane Goodall and Dale Peterson) with her husband, Dr. Sheng-Hai Wu, and was awarded one of the best books of 1997 by Kingstone Bookstore. She also take sketch classes and studies law in the credit courses at the NTU SPECS.

Sun has dreamed about a life career as a player in the orchestra since 14, when she was accepted in the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra founded by Helen Quach. She joined Taiwan Philharmonic, the National Symphony Orchestra in 1998 and is now the Associate Second Violin Principal.