Die lustige Witwe

Opera Concert

Die lustige Witwe

2019-12-28 Sat 19:30National Concert Hall400 700 1000 1500 1800 2400 3000Buy
2019-12-31 Tue 19:30National Taichung Theater300、600、900、1200、1800、2400、2800Buy
Yin-Fang Chang, conductor
Jean-Michel Criqui, director
Ethan Wang, visual design
Chien-Hao Kuo, lighting design
Yu-Po Kao, costume design
Pei-Yao Wang, vocal coach

Grace Lin, Hanna Glawari
Chan-Yu Yeh, Danilo Danilowitsch
Yi-Wei Lin, Camille de Rosillon
Fang-Hao Chao, Baron Mirko Zeta
Li-Chin Huang, Valencienne
Chi-An Chen, Vicomte Cascada
Yin-Chi Chang, Raoul de St Brioche
Yu-Chung John Ku, chorus master
Taipei Philharmonic Chorus

Franz Lehár: Die lustige Witwe

Hedonistic but not vulgar, carefree but not wanton, Die lustige Witwe, bred in the soil of Austria-Hungary, is set in and pays tribute to Paris from Vienna. It successfully connects two elegant and sophisticated cultural ambiances and records the unforgettable histories of these two cities. In brief, the story is about one small country’s embassy in Paris working hard to find a compatriot husband for their country’s richest widow in order to prevent her estate from being transacted overseas. Although the main theme is light-hearted, hints of sardonicism loom inside, particularly with the interspersed tabloid fodders. With Lehár’s creativity, the operetta is imbued with suave tunes. More sensational notes built on intricate orchestration appear in the banquet scene that has immortalized this piece of dance music. In addition to its appealing tunes, the kaleidoscopic harmony manifests the aesthetics of the Fin de Siècle. It’s Wagner sipping champagne and hedonistic Mahler and Richard Strauss, an operetta to entertain you and for you to appreciate. Sung in German and narrated in Mandarin, Die lustige Witwe will merrily usher in the new year at the NSO with its topmost vocal soloists.