Tristan und Isolde

Opera Concert

Tristan und Isolde

2020-07-10 Fri 17:00National Concert Hall500 800 1100 1500 2000 2400 3000
2020-07-12 Sun 14:30National Concert Hall500 800 1100 1500 2000 2400 3000
Shao-Chia Lü, conductor
Huan-Hsiung Li, director
Martin Andersson, vocal coach

Robert Dean Smith, Tristan
Ann Petersen, Isolde
I-Chiao Shih, Brangäne
Liang Li, König Marke
Nathan Berg, Kurwenal
Ezio Kong, Melot
Ya-Chung Huang, Ein Hirt/ Ein Steuermann
Yi-Yin Tai, chorus master
Taipei Male Choir

Richard Wagner: Tristan und Isolde

Defining love and death as two sides of the same coin, Wagner, who had a record of infidelity, adapted a medieval legend into the musical drama Tristan und Isolde and turned his personal anecdote into an immortal music piece. Formed from perpetual and unrestrained tunes, nimbly created motives, fervent and romantic passion, and voluptuous sonority, this is a state-ofart work in every perspective. Its unconventional harmony, which breaks the rules of the genre, is revolutionary and opens a gateway leading to the music of the future. “I must erect a monument to the most beautiful of all my dreams,” wrote Wagner. From the challenging ballad of the heroine in the first act, enchanting love duet in the second, Tristan’s desperate cry in the third, and Isolde’s farewell aria in the final scene, Tristan und Isolde captures each listener’s heart and more than earns its reputation as one of the foremost artworks in music history. The NSO, led by Shao- Chia Lü, has joined forces with renowned vocal soloists from Taiwan and overseas, and the Taipei Male Choir, to present this rare gem of a symphonic and vocal work, the most revolutionary romantic music drama.