G. PUCCINI: Il Trittico — Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica & Gianni Schicchi

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G. PUCCINI: Il Trittico — Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica & Gianni Schicchi

2017-07-23 Sun 14:30National Theater 500 800 1200 1800 2400 3000 3600 5000 (企業贊助)Buy
SHAO-CHIA LÜ, conductor
JAMES ROBINSON, stage director
ALLEN MOYER, set design
HWAN KIM, costume design
CHUN-YU LEE, lighting design
KATHERINE CHU, vocal coach
Y. C. JOHN KU, chorus master
MENG-HSIEN PENG, chorus master

Il Tabarro
ByungWoo Paul Kong, Michele
Hanying Tso-Petanaj, Giorgetta
Hector Sandoval, Luigi
Ezio Kong, Tinca
Julian Lo, Talpa
Jung Mi Kim, Frugola
Kingston Kung, Song Seller & Lover
Yun-Shuen Tsai, Lover
Hong-Chi Chen, Organ grinder

Suor Angelica
Ling-Hui Lin, Suor Angelica
Jo-Pei Weng, La Zia Principessa
Jung Mi Kim, La Badessa & La Suora Infermiera
Hai-Yun Cheng, La Suora Zelatrice
Min A Baek, La Maestra delle Novizie
Grace Lin, Suor Genovieffa
Wen-Chieh Chen, Suor Osmina
Chiu-Wen Wang, Suor Dolcina & Una Novizia
Ming-Fang Lo & Juh-Yu Lai, Le Cercatrici
Chu-Chung Chang, Chia-Hsin Chen & Yun-Shuen Tsai, Le Novizie
Chia-Jung Lee & Yu-Hsing Wang, Le Converse

Gianni Schicchi
Lucio Gallo, Gianni Schicchi
Chia-Jung Lee, Lauretta
Jo-Pei Wong, Zita
Fernando Wang, Rinuccio
Ezio Kong, Gherardo
Ming-Fang Lo, Nella
I-Fan Tsai, Gherardino
Chan-Yu Yeh, Betto di Signa
Julian Lo, Simone
Fang-Hao Chao, Marco
Hai-Yun Cheng, Le Ciesca
Min-Seok Park, Maestro Spinelloccio
Rioz Lee, Ser Amantio di Nicolao
Zheng-Chen Tsai, Pinellino
Han-Wei Chen, Guccio
Hong-Chi Chen, Buoso Donati

G. PUCCINI: Il TritticoIl Tabarro, Suor Angelica & Gianni Schicchi

Following renovations to the National Theatre, the NSO returns to this venue for its annual opera offering. This year the composer is Puccini, one of Maestro Lü’s favorites. Three short operas, each about an hour in duration – one comedy and two tragedies – make up the collection known as Il Trittico, first performed in 1918 in New York. Each is a little masterpiece unto itself. Il Tabarro (The Cloak) is a dark and disturbing story of illicit love, passion, cruelty, and murder. Suor Angelica (Sister Angelica) is a less violent (it has an all-female cast) but equally disturbing account of a daughter of a nobleman who has entered a nunnery to expiate her sin of being an unwed mother. It’s a sad tale, but it has a happy ending. There are many great tragedies in the operatic repertory, but few great comedies. Gianni Schicchi is one of them. What a rascal and a rogue this guy is! But you gotta love him! James Robinson, Artistic Director of Opera Theater of St. Louis and one of the world’s most sought-after directors, brings his talent to bear on the production.

※Overall length of the performance is about three hours and forty minutes (incl. two intervals)
※This production contains scenes of violence and smoking as well as special effects of smoke. Audience discretion is advised.


2017/6/30 Fri. 19:30
G. PUCCINI: Il Trittico
SHAO-CHIA LÜ, lecturer
Venue: NSO Rehearsal Studio at the National Concert Hall
Open to ticket holders of NSO Opera Il Trittico